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Published: Thursday, 17 January 2019

If your patients are lacking in confidence, then offering simple cosmetic dental treatments can help give their self-esteem a much-needed lift.


  • Help your patients to deliver and express their inner beauty.
  • Analyse your patients smile and point out some areas that can be improved.
  • Improve a patience smile through teeth whitening and other forms.
  • Build a relationship with each of your patience and boost their confidence.

Smiling can boost those with low self-esteem

The UK has a self-esteem problem, with women being particularly affected. Sadly, this begins in childhood, with research by Dove revealing that 61% of girls and young women aged between 10 to 17 years old are lacking in body confidence. This then continues into adulthood, with only 20% of British women reportedly happy with the way they look – this low statistic places us as having the second lowest self-esteem in the world.

Dental practice managers are well-placed to assist their patients in increasing confidence in their appearance, which also offers benefits to the practice in terms of revenue. When patients lack confidence in their appearance, or in anything else, this will be evident in their body language and the way they come across to others. But by helping your patients to deliver a genuine smile, this can help them to express their inner beauty and also to release endorphins - nature’s inbuilt chemicals which are known to increase both happiness and self-esteem.

Improving your patient’s smile

Of course, if one of the things your patients lack confidence in is their own smile, then naturally, they’ll feel reluctant to break into a grin. By offering initial consultations, you can help analyse individual smiles and point out some areas that can be improved. Their teeth may be holding your patient back from an open-mouthed smile, so if you feel that your patients are self-conscious about any discolouration, gaps or poor alignment, then offering a range of cosmetic treatments and partnering with quality suppliers will assist them in achieving their desired look. This will help them to smile confidently both in social occasions and when posing for photos.

Beautiful teeth

If you want proof of the interest that patients have in teeth whitening, the Essex Smile Centre is a great example to consider – the county’s residents are willing to invest in the way they look and have produced many stars in the entertainment industry who take pride in the way they look and the quality of their smile.

Veneers are another popular option for those who wish to fix poor alignment and add more uniformity to their smile. By advertising these treatments in your practice, you’ll be able to gauge the demand and how much of an effect it will have on your revenue.

Building a relationship with your patients

Of course, an effective strategy to increasing your profit margins is to focus on developing your long-term relationship with patients. By offering them cosmetic treatments and delivering successful results for them, you’ll likely benefit from repeat business as well as word-of-mouth referrals. It’s essential that you set expectations for patients when initially discussing cosmetic dentistry. Make sure that they’re aware of the importance of any follow-up care involved and any further enhancements that will help them to perfect their smile.

Confidence boosting tips for a smile

Following the treatment, your patients should be encouraged to embrace their new smile, which is something they may feel self-conscious about at first. Dental practice managers can put together some follow-up tips to ensure they get the most from the procedure. As well as any specific dental care guidance, advice such as smiling as soon as you get up in the morning will get your patients on the right track for the day. They should also get into the habit of smiling as soon as they greet someone to convey a feeling of warmth and positivity.

Smiling is one of those addictive things that puts everyone in a great mood – but if your patients feel self-conscious about their teeth, then it’s important to offer them treatment options to improve their overall look.

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